A context-aware learning environment for Education and Vocational Training


Vocational training often takes place in specifically designed environments, where abstract knowledge without actual practical relevance and adaptation towards individual learning skills is conveyed. Adaptive systems that provide personalized solutions for practically oriented learning are scarcely used.

Goals and Approach

The focus of the KoBeLU project lies on the development of a practically oriented, low-cost learning and working environment, where individually selected information is displayed directly into the working area – for example on touch of electronic components. A gamification approach (enriching tasks through elements of play) is creating additional motivation. The combination of interactive projection, gesture control, emotion and stress recognition , with respect to data protection, activity orientation and a playful approach makes it possible to actually “grasp” the learning subjects.

The system will be developed and tested in a user-centered design process with trainees and participants of vocational trainings, electrical engineering students and residents of care facilities in cooking classes.

Innovation and Perspectives

The context-aware system planned in the project aims to accompany users in the process of learning like a personal coach. Through empowering learners to solve even complex practical tasks on their own it contributes to a lasting improvement of education and vocational training. It therefore efficiently counteracts the often unfavourable teacher-learner ratio and the relatedly decreasing learning motivation especially in the MINT subjects.